Dog and Cat relationship

The cohabitation between a dog and a cat is not always easy. Fortunately, by doing it correctly, the new companion will be adopted quickly!

Dog and Cat relationship

The game is possible between different species. Cats often play with dogs, with whom they have a complicity. Most of the time, the dog chases the cat, which carefully ambushes him. Dogs and cats can live and be happy together, but it is preferable that the owner carefully keep watch the situation.

If the dog came first

Before bringing a small cat home where a dog already lives, it is important to ensure that the dog is well trained and able to understand and obey two simple commands: “leave ! ” and “stop it! ยป. For greater safety, it is best to train the dog a few weeks before the cat arrives.

The cat must arrive at the house in its box, which will be placed in a room. The dog enters on a leash while the cat is safe in its box, so both animals can observe each other at a safe distance.

Monitor the dog’s behavior carefully

The dog must be free to sniff the cat, but if you notice that it gets a little too excited, you must order it “leave!”, then move it away, and get it out of the room by closing the door, to let the cat get out of the box.

The two animals have to get used to each other for two weeks; Then you can put a transparent barrier, so that dog and cat can observe, without the dog being able to enter. Only the cat should be able to take the initiative to increase the degree of interaction.

Under no circumstances do you have to tolerate any aggressive behavior on the part of the dog, and keep it under control until the situation finally settles and completely. With a little patience, and if you give them all the time necessary, dog and cat can become good friends, and it will not be uncommon to see them eating, playing and sleeping together, living with love and complicity.

If the cat came first

The situation is different if the cat is the “householder” and if the dog is the newcomer. Again, it is good to plan everything in time.
First of all, it is necessary to preserve the place where the cat consumes its food, and where its bowls are located. Indeed, cat food has a higher protein content than dog food, which is why it is more appetizing; the newcomer may throw himself on the kitty meal, which will certainly not be happy to share it with this intruder. You must then move the bowls to a place where the cat can eat without being bothered.

Attention to Litter

The litter must also be out of the dog’s reach, to the dog  avoid that, satisfying a typical vice of the dog, from trying to swallow the cat’s feces and to ensure the cat, whose great modesty in assuming its physiological functions is known, has all the privacy to which it is entitled. One possible solution is to secure access to the room where the litter is located with a cat flap, which is unusable for the dog. You must make these changes at least two weeks before the puppy arrives so that the cat can get used to these new features.

Getting to know their own rhythm

It is necessary to prevent the dog from beginning to torment the cat, by stalking him and following him around the house: at first,, keep the dog on a leash to constantly correct any behavior mistakes. It would be a strategic mistake to force the cat to interact with the dog from the beginning: it is important to give the cat time to form a friendship at its own pace and in its own way.

Sometimes the cat seems to react very badly to the presence of the newcomer, giving important signs of stress (for example by ceasing to use the litter box and beginning to defile the house) ; in this case, and even if it may seem a bit cruel, given that the cat was the first one to arrive at the house, one can adopt the same methods used for the arrival of a kitten in a house where a dog was already present.
However, it is necessary to isolate the cat in a room with her bowls, litter box, scratching and toys, and leave her in this protected area as long as the process of adaptation is not complete.

By following all these tips, the cohabitation between dog and cat should go well.

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