Why cats are attracted to people who don’t like them ?

One of the great paradoxes of cat behavior is that cats seem irresistibly attracted to people who are afraid of them. Analyzing the attitudes of people who do not like cats are therefore of great interest to anyone who wants to be loved by cats.

People who are afraid of cats usually try to escape their gaze while watching them more or less constantly from the angle of their eyes. They want to make sure that the cat doesn’t get near them (“Oh, my God, here he comes! What’s he got against me? Ah, he’s jumping on me! Oh no.…»)
Let’s put ourselves in the animal’s place: in the feline world, any aggression begins with a fixed look. Discretion is a kind of politeness in cats. When two cats meet, they look at each other briefly, then turn away. Also, when you meet a cat you want to be friendly with, find out where he is in the area while looking away.

Why cats are attracted to people who don't like them ?

People who don’t like cats are reluctant to pet them. If the cat approaches, it may happen that the person has the instinct to touch it before removing his hand and hoping that the cat will leave. Strategy error: playing “follow me, I’m running away from you” is one of the best ways to get his affection. Therefore, let him come closer, offer him the back of your hand and let him feel you before rubbing his cheek starting with the phalanges). Then ignore him for several minutes while he sniffs your legs.

The secret? Frustrate Kitty

Once the cat has decided that he is interested in you, you can move on to the next step: the caress and friction. To do this, caress it from the top of the skull to the end of the tail. When you get to the bottom of your back, slightly bend your hand to extend the caress all the way along its tail – continue beyond the tip, as if it were 8 to 10 centimeters longer. Do it only once. The cat will expect you to caress him again from the head (but you won’t). This unsatisfied desire will resonate in him like the lyrics of a song and he will want more caresses. After a few minutes, you can start again, maybe even two or three times. Interrupt the caresses at the moment when the cat is waiting for them the most and certainly vicious… but most effective.
During the second meeting with the cat, nod slightly as you enter the room. He will probably answer you by imitating you. Repeat the steps of looking away – back of the hand – caressing – friction. From then on, you will have met each other. Now you can move on to the next step: the long blink of the eye.
From the point of view of the cat, this is like saying: “I have enough confidence in you to dare to close my eyes in your presence.”For an animal of prey that considers itself a real fear, I might as well say that this is equivalent to a kind of ‘I love you’.

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