3 Reasons To Adopt A Dwarf Spitz

3 Reasons To Adopt A Dwarf Spitz

The dwarf Spitz is a dog often compared to the fox. Indeed, this is due in particular to its appearance. We particularly appreciate his very rich coat and his chewy face. It is also quite difficult to resist his little face.

A true love ball, this breed of dog will undoubtedly bring happiness to your family. Originally from Germany, this dog is part of the German Spitz breed. A true companion dog, it is a breed that is now very popular all over the world.

Here are the main qualities of the dwarf Spitz

The congeners of the breed

The dwarf Spitz is a dog that belongs to the miniature dogs. In this same category, we can also mention other well-known dog breeds. The Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog. Yorkshire is also one of the small dogs with its aristocratic look. The rider King Charles from England is also very small in size. 

Easy to train

He’s a very intelligent dog. It is very easy to train. If you are looking for your first dog, this breed is particularly recommended. He will be able to obey you quickly without hesitation. It should also be taken into account that the dwarf Spitz is a breed of dog that is often part of competitions and all dog events. So why not make your dog a real champion? He has all the necessary skills.

Very affectionate

The dwarf Spitz is a dog that constantly needs attention. Indeed, he cannot stand to be abandoned. However, this constant search for your attention makes him very endearing. It is therefore very simple that the dwarf Spitz quickly becomes your best friend. The dwarf Spitz is a breed of dog that will attach itself very quickly to its master. He will then have difficulty separating from you and will have a lot of affection for his home.

Good watchdog

Despite its very small size, the dwarf Spitz is an excellent housekeeper. Indeed, even if his build does not necessarily impress, he will quickly be able to warn you of the arrival of an intruder in his area. He will do everything he can to constantly defend you.

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