Traveling with your pet

Do you like to travel, but want to do it with your four-legged friend? It is possible, both at home and overseas, but there are also rules to be followed and things to be checked.. take this suggestion to travel with your pet.

First, traveling with a cat or dog can be very different. A cat can easily be transported in a cage, but for a dog, everything will depend on its breed.

Traveling with your pet

Travel by car with your pet

Traveling home is probably the least complicated. In the car, you must first plan frequent stops to stretch your pet, especially a dog, and allow it to do its business. Don’t forget the water and, above all, never leave your pet alone in the car, especially in the middle of summer, even with the windows ajar. The heat could cause him to suffocate.


Don’t forget to bring your favorite toy and enough food for the duration of the trip. Then, make sure that the place you decide to go to accepts animals. Different places accept your companions, just ask and choose one accordingly. Some places, such as hotels, will even provide you with security, walking or grooming services. Each establishment has its own rules for accepting your animals.

Flying with your pet

Flying with your pet may be quite difficult. Each airline has its own rules, so it is best to check before leaving. for example, certain agencies may allow cats and small dogs to be housed in a cabin in a cage or bag, but larger dogs will most often have to be checked in and travel in the luggage hold.. Due to the heat, some companies refuse to accept animals in the hold in summer to certain tropical destinations.
If you are traveling outside Canada or the United States, again, it is best to find out for each destination. The Canadian Food Agency is a good starting point. Some countries require that animals be quarantined upon arrival. Make sure you have all the documents required by customs and that your pet has received the required vaccinations.
Find out about the laws for animals abroad, including their protection, but also if certain breeds are prohibited in the area you want to visit if you need to walk your dog in the city with a muzzle, etc. The embassy or consulate of the country you wish to visit can provide you with the latest information on this subject. note that a trip can be really exhausting for your animal..
Your veterinarian may suggest painkillers to give your companion before leaving. to talk it over with him.
Otherwise, the only other option is to ask a relative to keep your pet while you are away. He will be safe and will find you with the greatest pleasure when you return.

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