Teach Your Cat: 5 Tips

Teach Your Cat: 5 Tips

Discover our advice on how to properly educate your cat. Having a good cat model is not that simple. All races have their own character.

However, some breeds are still more easily tamed, such as Somali, Siamese, Persian, Norwegian or Maine Coon.

5 tips to educate your cat

In this article, we suggest you discover how to teach your cat in the simplest way possible.

Don’t push your cat

The cat is an animal that particularly likes its routine. Indeed, he does not really tolerate changes and this can cause real stress for him.
So, you must educate your cat gently. It is also strongly recommended to get your pet used to the changes from an early age.
Indeed, nothing predicts that you will not have to move, have a child or bring in a new pet in the future.

Maternal steadiness

Your kitten would have been given an excellent education by her mother. However, it is with you that he will grow up.
You must, therefore, take on the role of mother of the kitten by using her maternal firmness gently at the same time. The kitten’s mother always knows how to make herself respected, understood and this without having to be harsh.
So you will have to use the sounds to imitate the cat’s mother and teach her good manners. Of course, you will have to use the right tone for this.

 The hand only for cuddling

Don’t let your cat bite your hands, even if you know he’s looking to play with you. He must understand that your hands are precious and that without them, he will not be able to have hugs.
If your cat is trying to play with your hands, stay calm and don’t move. Your movements will tend to excite him even more.
All you have to do is make a sudden noise and the child immediately stops his inappropriate behavior. You should not clap your cat with your hands either.
If you want to spank him slightly, use a newspaper for example. In any case, and by perfectly educating your cat, you won’t need to spank her.

The kitten’s cleanliness

From 3 weeks old, your kitten is able to do her needs in her litter box. Indeed, the kitten will be clean from the age of 6 weeks generally.
Simply place him  in its litter box when you notice that it is sniffing a certain area of your home.
After your play sessions, the kitten also needs to do her needs and it is therefore the right time to put him in her litter box.

The socialization of the cat

You must teach your cat to be sociable. This will prevent the latter from being aggressive towards other animals or human beings.
Sociability is generally achieved between the second and seventh week of the animal’s life. You must then confront your cat with the cries of children, on television, music, barking, but also with human beings he does not know.
You should also know that socialization is conducive to the animal’s growth 

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