7 questions to ask yourself before adopting a pet

7 questions to ask yourself before adopting a pet

Are you seriously considering expanding your family by adopting a four-legged companion? Don’t make too hasty a decision! You don’t adopt an animal on a whim like you buy a pair of shoes!
First of all, ask yourself some very important questions that will help you know whether or not you are ready to welcome a dog or cat into your home, but also which animal suits you best.

Why do you want an animal?

This is not a question to be taken lightly. Do you want a companion to share sports activities with, a fur ball that will sleep on your couch?
The animal you choose must correspond to your character, your desires, your lifestyle. Don’t take a dog that needs to run if you don’t like long walks in the wild!
And if you dream of a cuddly toy to cuddle, forget about a dog or cat! An animal is not a toy!

Are you ready to commit for 10 to 15 years?

Adopting an animal is a real commitment, and it will last for many years. Some cats live more than 20 years. The real question is whether you feel ready to take on all the responsibilities of a dog or cat over the years.
The adorable kitten, the irresistible puppy will grow up, then they will grow old, and it will be necessary to increase care and attention.

Do you have time to take care of an animal?

Do you work 15 hours a day, never have a minute of your own during the week or on weekends? So give up the idea of adopting a four-legged companion.
An animal needs to be spending time with, even a cat. Certainly more independent, not asking to be walked, a cat will be unhappy if he remains alone all day long.
Adopt an animal only if you really have time for it. Walking your dog for 10 minutes when you get home from work is not enough!

Can you financially cover an animal?

Food, toys, kennels, litter, veterinary care: an animal is expensive.
If you are already struggling to make ends meet, adopting a dog or cat is not a good idea.

What will you do with your pet during the holidays?

Every summer, thousands of dogs and cats are abandoned by their owners, who cannot take their pets with them on vacation and have not bothered to look for solutions to keep them…
Boarding house, host family, pet-sitter, home guard…. There are many solutions, but it remains to be seen whether you are ready to use them, and if you can afford them!

Are you sufficiently patient?

A puppy, a kitten, that’s so cute! Yes, but it’s also very tiring!
These little fur balls are doing damage, and they need to be educated. Will you have the time and patience to teach them everything a well-behaved dog or cat needs to learn?

Are you willing to make sacrifices for your pet?

Rain, snow, wind: some days, you won’t want to go out for a walk with your dog. But it will still have to be done!
Fat mornings disturbed, nights sometimes restless… Like a child, an animal requires sacrifices. This is something you should be aware of before considering adopting a four-legged companion.

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