Do you know how to brush your cat’s hair properly?

Brushing cat’s hair is one of the precautions we should take with our pets. As well as being part of hygiene, since dead hairs are eliminated, it does an enormous amount of good for their health.

This task, when done regularly, prevents the formation of hairballs in the animal’s stomach, which can become a serious problem. After all, we are talking about the cat – one of the most hygienic animals that exist and that licks itself a lot, ingesting, therefore, a lot of hair.

Do you know how to brush your cat's hair correctly?

Let’s, then, give some tips on how to brush the cats, choosing the best material, the best moments, among other pertinent suggestions. Follow it!

What is the importance of brushing?

In addition, to rid your cat of dead hair, brushing them daily frees your house of many hairs that would fall to the ground. Brushing also eliminates possible dirt, such as dust and dreaded fleas, which he can pick up on a simple trip to the vet. In other words, no matter how much you take care of your cat, it is not free of this plague.
The habit of brushing it can help in the prevention of pests and skin diseases since the owner can already enjoy the moment and examine the skin and what is under the animal’s fur.

Does your cat like to get brushed?

Some animals love it, some don’t. However, there are ways to convince you. One of them is to choose rubber brushes since they usually support this kind more. Another way would be to entertain them with toys – while he pays attention in play, you take advantage to give their brushes. If he likes it, wonder: you can brush him daily without any stress, it will be like a caress to him.

How frequently should we brush our cat’s hair?

Ideally, it should be a frequent brushing, especially in summer, when the cats loosen a lot of hair and end up licking themselves more. However, the animal’s coat should also be considered. Animals with long hairs need to be brushed daily for five minutes; those with short hairs need to be brushed weekly.
These brushes will also help to make the environment cleaner, as they will prevent hair from accumulating on furniture and the floor of the house.

How to choose the right brush?

As we already know, there are cats with short, medium and long coats, like Persians. For each one of them, there is a more indicated type of brush. For cats that have long hairs, the indicated brush is the one that has harder bristles, which disentangle the hairs with ease. For short-haired cats, the most suitable are those with softer bristles or those with rubber.

How should you brush your cat?

You should always brush your cat in the direction of the hair, never in the opposite direction. Brushing in the belly, snout and around the eyes should be done carefully  and a little more force can hurt your kitten.
As you could see in the post, brushing cats hair is very important to care, which, in addition to keeping your cat even cleaner, contributes to the maintenance of your health. Who doesn’t want to see their pet always beautiful and healthy, isn’t it?

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