5 foods allowed for cats that you had no idea about

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It is very common nowadays that people have pets, however, many of them do not know exactly what care they need to take with their pets. That is why it is important to stay informed to prevent your pet from suffering from disease and discomfort.

Currently, cats have increasingly gained the preference of people who live in apartments and small houses, and because they are very independent animals, often the owners end up allowing them to have risky behavior, such as eating food for humans.

It is essential to know that many of these foods are unsuitable for cats, presenting toxicity to their bodies. However, some foods can be consumed by cats and are even very healthy. Today we are talking about some of them.

Five foods allowed for cats

Skimmed yogurt

Incredible as it may seem, skimmed yogurt is not an exclusive food for human beings. Some animals can consume it, including cats, since yogurt contains little fat, and a high concentration of protein. Yogurt does not unbalance the diet of cats, and the taste is well accepted by them. This food is rich in calcium and vitamin B, which helps maintain the health of the animal, helping to prevent infections. 

However, it is important to check that the animal is not lactose intolerant, so let it drink some milk and analyze if there is any change in the feces, if this occurs, then yogurt should be avoided.

Boiled egg

Some foods can really be a surprise, and this is the case with a boiled egg. It features a high concentration of protein, which is beneficial to the body of the feline. The important thing is to serve natural, without adding salt or another seasoning. It is worth mentioning that the raw egg should be avoided, as it can cause serious damage to the health of the cat.


Meat is the food that most benefits the cat because it is the nutritional pillar of the feline and has a high amount of amino acids, being adequate to meet the needs of the animal’s body. In addition, its high protein content is ideal for the diet of cats. Despite the qualities of the product, it is essential to regulate the consumption of meat with feed for an appropriate diet.

To not run the risk of offering a slice of contaminated meat to your kitten follow some tips:
● Beef: freeze for at least 5 days in a freezer.
● Fish: the ideal freezing time is 48 hours. 


Only some types of cheeses can be consumed by cats, and always as a snack, such as ricotta and Mozzarella. Because it is a calorie product, it can only be served if the cat is in its ideal weight.


Some vegetables can also be used to complement feline feeding. Among them, they stand out:

● Carrot: In addition to being tasty, it is rich in vitamin A, protecting the eyes, improving the quality of hair and helping in the proper functioning of some organs.

● Chard: The chard is a very nutritious leaf, which has antioxidant properties. Its consumption makes the fur beautiful and thriving and strengthens the immune system. Besides, it avoids infectious problems and delays the advance of digestive diseases. Because it is a legume that has plenty of water, can keep the cat hydrated.

● Beetroot: In controlled doses, the beet regulates the pressure and controls heart and arterial problems, also helping to dilate the blood vessels and relax the muscles.

With the inclusion of these foods in the diet of your cat, he can have an even healthier life.

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