Fearful cat: 5 tips to take care of your kitten that is hiding

Fearful cat: 5 tips to take care of your kitten that is hiding

Felines are known for their curious behavior and striking personality: they are more closed, less effusive and enjoy quietness. They are also very brave, curious and love to explore new environments. Therefore, when we come across a fearful cat, we do not know how to act.

The socialization of the kitten should be done early when he is still a puppy. However, he often becomes part of the family after reaching adulthood. If this is the case, do not despair: it is possible to make your kitten less scared and stop hiding. Want some tips? Then continue reading!

1. Look for a veterinarian

The first thing to do in such cases is undoubtedly to seek the opinion of a veterinarian. The reason is simple: the cat can hide by feeling pain or some discomfort.
Cats are, of course, more resistant than us, and tend to hide when they feel some pain. One of the few signs that they pass is isolation, which may or may not is accompanied by aggressiveness. Keep an eye out!

2. Respect the kitten

If medical causes are discarded, the time has come to identify the source of the fear that your kitten feels. They can be quite different: some are afraid of people, others die of fear of other animals or of specific noises, such as fires, for example.
After that, you have to respect your little friend. Don’t push the bar! This may well have the opposite effect. By respecting his time and acting slowly, the improvement will be guaranteed and lasting.

3. Help him to face his fears

Once the cause is identified, the next step is to begin to face the fears. Remember, this process must be done gradually.
Slowly expose your pet to the fear-causing agent. Always be by his side and watch out for body language! And don’t forget to always reward him, so that he can positively assimilate such events!

4. Enriching the environment

One of the biggest causes of stress in cats is boredom. It is common to believe that, by their more peaceful way, kittens do not like to exercise their body and mind. That’s a big lie! They are, as we mentioned, great explorers and full of curiosity.
It is very important that this characteristic is well explored in an environment. Even if the environment is limited, it is possible to make small modifications and make it very rich. Invest in shelves, niches, scratchers and toys. He will love it and, being less stressed, will become a less fearful cat.

5. Choose alternative treatments

Alternative therapies are great ways in the fight against fear. They help to calm the animal, restoring its emotional balance and bringing a sense of security.
Among the most popular are: synthetic pheromones, catnip, acupuncture, homeopathy and flowers. Talk to a reliable veterinarian about the most suitable option for your pet!
Dealing with fear isn’t easy, is it? However, with patience and a lot of love, your fearful cat has great chances to become a sociable and brave kitten!

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