Duke died, the dog mayor of a Minnesota city

Duke was elected mayor of Cormorant Township in 2014, with one vote against his “girlfriend” Leslie, and re-elected again in 2016 until he retired from politics last June.

Duke died, the dog mayor of a Minnesota city

Duke, a Great Pyrenees breed dog, has died at 13 years in Minnesota by old age and after a hard fight against arthritis, according to its owner has published in social networks.

The adorable dog was elected mayor of Cormorant Township, which has just over 1,000 inhabitants, for four years and became one of the most beloved politicians in the country.

In 2014, with all but one vote in favor In 2016 he was re-elected again until June 2018, when he officially withdrew from politics.

During all this time he appeared on billboards and parades, was a great advocate for the Humane Society, an animal rights organization, and an ally of the Girl Scouts.

“Our darling mayor, Duke, went to doggy Heaven today. He will be really missed. Thanks to all who express their condolences means many difficult moments like this,” owners Karen and Dave Nelson .
in March, a ceremony will be held in honor of the former canine mayor.

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