A young man finds abandoned cats in a bag, rescues them and puts them up for adoption

The cats were rescued a week ago by Dan Figueira, 28, who has a bachelor’s degree in administration. the young man was moved to see the cats mewing on public roads.

The three cats in Dan Figueira’s house waiting to be adopted – Photo: Dan Figueira/Personal Archive ( photo from g1.globo.com )
It was supposed to be a normal day for Dan Figueira, 28, with a bachelor’s degree in administration. Passing through a busy intersection of Santarém, in the west of Pará, he saw something different and moving. In a plastic bag, he mewed in loud tones. It was the beginning of an emotional rescue of three cats.
When he opened the plastic bag, Dan found the cats, still puppies, without a home to live in. The small, defenseless ones were abandoned a week ago, on the corner of Avenida Plácido de Castro and cross Silva Jardim, Aparecida district, under a chestnut tree.

Dan took the cats and brought them home. In the first days, they didn’t eat feed, they were puppies and only drank milk. A few days later, they began to eat feed. As well as rescuing, it is necessary to combat abandonment. Castrating and caring is the best strategy.

“My reaction was one of sadness. They came to me, they were hungry. I can’t see a situation like this and think it’s not me. I think we can all do something, like feed a street animal or take it out if it is in danger,” Figueira said.

Cats on the day they were found in the Aparecida district of Santarém – Photo: Dan Figueira/Personal Archive ( photo from g1.globo.com )
The small house prevents Dan from raising the three cats. That’s why he keeps them under the necessary care and has put all three cats up for adoption. He made contact with volunteers from the NGO Lar do Amor, which takes care of and rescues animals at risk in Santarém.
“I am sad and at the same time angry to see these situations, abandon the animals as if they were garbage, without worrying whether they will survive. They were going to die there,” says Dan Figueira.
The photos posted on the NGO’s social networks caught the attention of many people directly involved in the protection and rights of animals. Now, the fans are so that the kittens can gain a new home, where they can receive care, attention, and affection.

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