How to treat canine coprophagia

Canine coprogaphy is a more usual behavioral disorder than we think and that basically consists in the dog eating its droppings or those of another pet. There are several reasons that can lead the animal to act in this way and, therefore, there are also different ways to tackle this problem. we explain how to treat canine coprophagy.

Steps to follow:
One of the reasons that leads our dog to eat feces is the lack of some essential vitamin in their diet or simply an insufficient amount of food. Therefore, we must analyze if we are providing our pet with all the food it needs. If you have any questions about it, we recommend you check our article entitled how much my dog ​​should eat.

Canine coprophagia can also be due to our dog mimicking the behavior of another animal that has seen feces. In this case, the solution is to reprimand our pet, making him see that his behavior is incorrect.

The droppings, although they cause us repulsion, they taste good in the dog’s opinion. When we see that our pet is going to eat them, we must add to them a powder supplement that gives a bad taste and that we can find in any pet store.

Repeating this action several times, we will get the animal to associate bad taste and excrement and abandon its behavior.

In case you do not manage to stop the coprophagy of your dog in these ways, go to the veterinarian, since your pet is at serious risk of catching an infection. A specialist can tell you other methods to solve this problem.

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