How to take care of your pets when they get older

Choose a proper diet

Pets that are less active need a less caloric diet since their metabolism will be slower than when they were young. Limiting portions is crucial to keep your pet at the right weight, it will be your veterinarian who advises you how much you should weigh. Supplements are important in those pets that have a joint problem, add glucosamine or cod liver oil to their diet to help them with joint mobility. The veterinarian can establish a personalized plan that adds these types of supplements.
Gentle exercise

Exercise helps your pet maintain a healthy weight, in addition to helping your joints stay active and moving, something that can prevent them from developing arthritis in the long run, however we should not force them, it should be a pleasant exercise for them . We must bear in mind that many will try to keep up with us even if they cannot, so we must pay attention that they do not end up exhausted and that they get enough rest. Taking walks or even swimming can be two good exercises to maintain health without damaging the joints of your pets.
Physical contact

Physical contact with our pets becomes increasingly important as they get older, along with therapeutic massage; It is especially good for those pets that suffer from joint pain and very pleasant for those who do not suffer, also creates bonds of union with them, that are happy helps them to have a pleasant and happy old age.

Taking care of your pet and taking care of your pet in old age are two different things, but what is true is that a pet is for a lifetime, they are not a Christmas gift or a toy, so it is important that we make sure that we can always take care of them, especially when they get older. Take them to the veterinarian every 6 months to make sure they are in good health, adjust their diet with the help of their veterinarian to make sure they receive all the necessary nutrients and supplements, regular but gentle exercise so that their joints are not stunted, physical contact to show them that they are part of our family and finally a lot of love and patience, because when they age, they can no longer move as fast as before, listen or see with the same clarity, it is important that we understand that they do not develop in the same way as when they were young boys.

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