Boxer dogs

a boxer holds the record for the dog with the longest tongue just what you’d expect from this fun-loving breed okay a boxer is like a three-year-old child that’s it they never grew up past three and there’s a saying how many boxers does it take to change the light bulb it doesn’t matter because they’re gonna chase her toys in the dark boxers are aptly named they get up on their hind legs and they’ll punch it do you know that’s it’s the truth they do box you when they grin and they’re happy you really know it you will often see the boxer with no tail so when he wags he wags his whole rear end and it’s really kind of a fun thing to see powerfully-built and exploding with energy.

the boxer is a true athlete so named for his distinctive ability to throw punches he reigns as middleweight champ in the world of working dogs the boxers roots trace back to the now extinct German bull advisory a mastiff type dog that was originally used to seize large fierce game like bear and wild boar then bread with the English bulldog the resulting boxer boasts one of the most distinctive skulls among dog breeds with a short muzzle and big under bite he was prized for holding his prey until his master arrived .

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