Family Leaves there dogs Behind Trash Lies On Discarded Mattress

Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue

A dog named Boo was left behind with the trash when his family moved out, but the loyal dog stayed right by their belongings, waiting for them to return.

Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue, a foster-based animal rescue, came to save Boo. They had been notified by a neighbor that Boo needed help and Mike Diesel answered the call. At first, Boo didn’t want to budge.

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Mike said that he tried for 11 hours to try and catch Boo, but the dog did not let him get close.

This picture absolutely breaks my heart, I am literally in tears. Meet Boo, this beautiful boy was left behind with the trash and belongings when the family moved out. He stayed right by their stuff and never left it, confused and lonely,” she wrote.

Once Mike got Boo in the car, the two drove to Groesbeck Animal Hospital right away and unfortunately Boo tested heartworm positive.

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Boo is currently not up for adoption, as he will first go to a foster home while he undergoes treatment for heartworms.

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